First of all, what a great way to start off the 2016 CrossFit Open! We had a 20% increase in participation from last year, with 90 athletes submitting a score for 16.1. Of those 90 athletes, 54 were men and 36 were women. But what I think to be our most impressive stat on 16.1, is that 82% of our athletes did the workout Rx’d, which leaves only 18% scaled. Our first week is proving that we have some incredibly fit athletes at Mad Apple CrossFit.

Now, lets breakdown the scoring for the Intramural Open. Below is how the scoring works:

Participation – 1 point will be awarded to each team for every individual who participates in the planned team events on either Friday or Saturday and submit their score to the Games website before the Monday deadline.
If the athlete does not complete the workout during our planned team events on Friday or Saturday, but still submits a score, that athlete will not be counted toward the team’s overall participation points. Athletes who workout Friday morning or Saturday evening will not count either, points will only be awarded to athletes who participate in the planned team events.

Spirit – Teams will be ranked 1 to 6 on their “team spirit” during the Friday and Saturday events. This may include, but is not limited to, themed clothing, team cheers, team dance moves, excitement toward teammates, etc. 6 points will be awarded to 1st place, 5 points to 2nd and 4 points to 3rd, etc. Ranking will be determined by the coaches from each team.

MVP – 5 points will be award to one individual each week that exemplifies the spirit of the open. This person may be RX, Scaled, Masters or a Teen. Each week coaches will post their recommendation and as a community we will vote on the winner each week.

Competitor Points – Draft picks can earn points for their team as follows:


Top 6 (3 M/3 F) athletes who score on the worldwide leaderboard will each receive 1 point for their team

RX (Masters)

Top 2 (1 M/1 F) athletes who score on the worldwide leaderboard will each receive 1 point for their team

Team Member Points – Athletes who were not drafted will earn points as follows:


Top 10 (5 M/5 F) athletes:

1st = 5 pts 2nd = 4 pts 3rd = 3 pts 4th = 2 pts 5th = 1 pt


Top 12 (6 M/6 F) athletes:

1st = 6pts 2nd = 5 pts 3rd = 4 pts 4th = 3 pts 5th = 2 pts 6th = 1 pt

RX (Masters)

Top 6 (3 M/3 F) athletes:

1st = 3 pts 2nd = 2 pts 3rd = 1 pt

Scaled (Masters)

Top 8 (4 M/4 F) athletes:

1st = 4 pts 2nd = 3 pts 3rd = 2 pts 4th = 1 pt

Here are the athletes that scored for their teams and how 16.1 shook out after the points/scores were totaled…

Draft Picks (Top 6 3M/3F)

Kaleb – 1pt

Harrison – 1pt

Dillon – 1pt

Mallory – 1pt

Shelley – 1pt

Vicki – 1pt

Team Members (Top 10 Rx 5M/5F, Top 12 Scaled 6M/6F)

Rx Men

Tom – 5pts

Nick S. – 4pts

Alex B. – 3pts

Erik – 2pts (T)

Kevin – 2pts (T)

Andy S. – 2pts (T)

Jim – 1pt

Scaled Men

Ryan P – 6pts

Eli – 5pts

Peter – 4pts

Justin – 3pts

Rx Women

Molly Ro. – 5pts

Sandy – 4pts

Ashley S. – 3pts

Jessie – 2pts

Brandie – 1pt (T)

Janelle – 1pt (T)

Scaled Women

Holly – 6pts

Emily S. – 5pts

Chelsea M. – 4pts

Brittney – 3pts

Myra – 2pts

Ashley T. – 1pt

Masters Breakdown

Draft Picks

Carmen – 1pt

Kurt – 1pt

Team Members (Top 6 Rx 3M/3F, Top 8 Scaled 4M/4F)

Rx Men

Joe – 3pts

Mike V. – 2pts

Rex – 1pt

Scaled Men

Jorge – 4pts

Dale – 3pts

John – 2pts

Steve – 1pt

Rx Women

Tina – 3pts

Brittany – 2pts

Scaled Women

Diana – 4pts

Nancy – 3pts

Dena – 2pts

Susannah – 1pt

The MVPs for 16.1 are:

John Slavich, who is a Master’s competitor and participating in the Open for the first time!

Kaleb Hetrick, who is currently the first man in the Central East Region!

They will both earn 5 points toward their teams score.

The final scores after the first week, including points for participation, spirit and MVPs are:


1st Place – Team Chipotle (Coach Mike) with 45 points

2nd Place – Bohemian AMRAPsody (Coach Mal) with 40 points

3rd Place – Team #Selfie (Coach Maddie) with 34 points

4th Place – (Coach Bobby) with 26 points


1st Place – (Coach Kurt) with 35 points

2nd Place – (Coach Carmen) with 30 points

We’ve still got four more weeks of heated competition, so the prize is still up for grabs! I can’t say enough great things about our community and the great effort that everyone puts into each event. Onward to 16.2!

Remember, the 16.2 Announcement will be released Thursday at 8pm, come back to the gym for our viewing party!