The Story

525428_10201143097925270_1375408635_nBobby and Brandie met 2002 in a small gym back in their hometown of Steubenville, Ohio.  From day one, fitness has been a part of their lives. When Bobby and Brandie got engaged, Bobby got a position with the Fort Wayne Freedom professional football team and they moved to Fort Wayne, IN.

Throughout their lives in Fort Wayne, Bobby and Brandie tried several gyms as they continued the enjoyment of working out together. In 2009, Bobby and Brandie had their first child.  After their second child in 2012, Brandie noticed the “baby weight” was more difficult to work off than the first. She was sick of the same old workouts and felt burnt out.

A couple of friends had started talking about this “CrossFit” and it sparked Brandie and Bobby’s interest. They were talking so highly about it and looking great, the couple decided to give it a try.

From the start, Brandie loved the support of the CrossFit community as well as never having to do the same work out twice. For Bobby, it was the comradeship of the athletes, the coaching and the opportunity to compete at CrossFit competitions.

The couple had joined CrossFit and fell in love instantly.  So much so they decided to open their own box and share it with friends, the community, and the Lamplight Inn family.

Additionally, Bobby and Brandie believe it’s important that their children are also able to choose healthy habits. The couple brings their 3-year old daughter, Bella, into the box regularly, and have gone as far as buying her very own children’s CrossFit weights. Bella has been a staple of their CrossFit family since the beginning, and Bianca, once she is old enough, will also become a part of the Mad Apple family.



We do believe CrossFit is for everybody. We modify movements to fit every individual’s needs. You receive the expertise of our coaches and put in the dedication to reach what it is you want to accomplish.  However, as much as we love CrossFit, we understand it may not be for you. So we went a step further and offer Endurance, Gymnastics, Mobility, Self Defense and Olympic Lifting classes. Just know if you want to put in the work, we will give you the opportunity to meet your goals.