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Not just training partners, family.

We believe CrossFit is for everybody. We modify movements to fit every individual’s needs. You receive the expertise of our coaches and put in the dedication to reach what it is you want to accomplish.  However, as much as we love CrossFit, we understand it may not be for you. So we went a step further and offer Gateway classes (body weight HIIT), CrossFIt Kids, and Olympic Lifting classes. Just know if you want to put in the work, we will give you the opportunity to meet your goals.

Strength Training

Learn how to handle a barbell safely under the trained eye of our coaches. We will teach you how gain strength and confidence!


CrossFit teaches not only strength and endurance but mobility through functional movements.

Weight Loss

Whatever your goals are we can help achieve them including weight loss.




Mad Apple 3C
496 W Plaza Dr. Unit 9
Columbia City, IN 46725
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Coach Blaine comes to us from central Ohio, where he was raised in one of the proudest football communities in the state. His parents put him into personal training at the age of 14, where he saw a vast improvement in performance and fell in love with strength and conditioning. At the end of his high school career, Blaine accepted a scholarship to study at Harvard University and play football. After graduating in 2014 with a degree in political science, he spent two years in Columbus, OH working at Rogue Fitness before starting his own online retail company and coaching CrossFit full-time. His love of S&C that he acquired early on pushes him to continue learning and pass on that knowledge to his clients so that they can achieve their fitness goals, however big or small. If you want to get strong, this is your guy.



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