Utopian CrossFit and Mad Apple CrossFit Combine to Create a Larger Community in a Move for a Larger Space for Fitness

Fort Wayne, IN, July 14, 2014: Two of downtown’s elite fitness boxes, Utopian CrossFit and Mad Apple CrossFit, announce to merge gyms to create a larger space and wider variety of offering for members, including a larger community of members and friends.

Utopian and Mad Apple CrossFit have been strengthening their ties throughout the past year and met last week to discuss the future growth and potential of combining the boxes to benefit the members in the most positive way. Both boxes have grown a great deal and have been limited by their space constraints. Mad Apple opens their new, larger box today at 3630 Illinois Road.

“It just made sense to combine the boxes and be able to offer a larger space, additional class times, specialized classes like Olympic lifting, gymnastics, endurance, and CrossFit Kids, child care, as well as a close community of friends and athletes,” stated Mike Martin, president of Mad Apple CrossFit.

“We agreed that the box would remain Mad Apple CrossFit, as they had already obtained the space and started the move,” explained Brendon Maxwell of Utopian CrossFit. “But our coaches will remain on staff and this move will give our members more opportunities for classes and to be able to meet some great, new people. We’re very excited about this move.”

Utopian and Mad Apple both stress the importance of community. When you visit their gyms, you will always find something fun to do together, from backyard BBQ’s to a day trip to Cedar Point, movie nights and social gatherings. And that is what brings them together – the community of a group and the growth that makes them a family.

For more information on Utopian CrossFit and Mad Apple CrossFit, call Mike Martin at  (260)-348-0635, or email him at mike@madapplecrossfit.com. You can also visit the websites of both boxes: www.utopiancrossfit.com and www.madapplecrossfit.com.