Tim Harrigan and his wife, Anne, have been with us at Mad Apple CrossFit since the beginning. They have been a real blessing to our community inside and outside the gym. We wanted to showcase not only our athlete’s physical achievements, but also their professional ones. For our January edition of the Business Spotlight, we chose Tim’s barbershop, The Executive Barbershop. Check out our interview with Tim to learn a little more.

What is your background?
My growing up years were a little bit different than most. My folks were missionaries, so I grew up in West Africa from the time I was two years old until my freshman year in high school. I attended South Side high school and graduated in 2003. I went off to college and dropped out after my first year to join the Marines.

How did you become a barber?
I was in the Marine Corps at the time, we were in Iraq, and I saw the opportunity to make some money off one of my buddies. We would go out on missions and the commander would make us have fresh haircuts at all time. There were no barbers in the area and none of us had any clue how to cut hair. I kept thinking that if I were to go home and become a barber that I could be skilled enough by the time we were to deploy again and make a little extra income on top of my military wages. So I got home, went to barber school, and took my State boards. I also noticed that the barber trade and art was kind of dying off and and I thought that it would be pretty neat to be a part of keeping barbering still relevant and thriving. You just don’t see your old-school barbers anymore. It’s kind of iconic Americana and would be a shame to see that gone.

Tell us about the shop. What’s the atmosphere like?
I would explain The Executive Barbershop as a high-end masculine oriented barbershop that serves and caters to time sensitive professionals who are used to having things done right the first time. We are old school and we know it. We specialize in classic gentleman haircuts and straight razor shaves. At The Executive Barbershop we strive to usher people back to that time where things ran a little bit slower, but they were done a lot better. We feel that people–and men especially–need that in the day-to-day. We feel it is important to take time to dwell upon the things that actually matter; things such as how you are presenting yourself to the world, how you are carrying yourself as a father, family man, or how you are being as a co-worker. In today’s day and age the busyness of life keeps us self-centered and prevents us from thinking and dealing with the things that can truly allow us to be effective men. We get so caught up in the rat race in the corporate world that we find ourselves actually losing who it was that we really wanted to become; the man that we imagined would one day change the world. At the Executive Barbershop it’s our duty to serve the downtown location and provide a place and an atmosphere for executives to get away and pamper themselves on a daily basis.

Are you working on anything new or exciting?
Definitely! We just had a story done this past Tuesday in the Journal Gazette about the barbershop that was super helpful for advertising and that was extremely exciting! As of right now we launched our new website and we’re trying to find a way that people can actually schedule their own appointments online through the site. Oh and for the first time in 44 years we are now taking credit cards before the end of the month!! I’m super pumped about that one! Haha.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I really enjoy my workouts at Mad Apple (of course). It is always a great way to unwind after a long day’s work. In the summer I love to take random adventure rides on my motorcycle up into Michigan and having no clue where I end up. I enjoy learning and expanding my understanding about anything dangerous. I recently joined a Tuesday night shooting league at Hillside Shooting Sports. It has been a blast learning from such great instructors and getting the chance to become more proficient in the competitive defensive shooting environment. My real passions in life are taking my wife Anne Harrigan on long romantic walks in the park picking flowers and going on picnics. Just kidding. I hate every single one of those things (except my wife, of course).

Check their new website here:

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