As the new year begins we wanted to let all of you in on the gear that we can’t get enough of and maybe some tips to help you reach your goals for 2014!


Coach Mike

Best Jump Rope
I prefer any of the Rogue jump ropes. For beginners I suggest RopesAsRx to start off with. It’s what I used when I started and it helped a lot.

Favorite Grass Roots Apparel
I would go with LifeAsRx. Their shirts have the best designs.

Protein Powder
Progenex is by far the best product I have used and seen the best results. If you on a budget just about any protein powder will do.

Best Wrist Wraps
I used the Rogue wrist wraps for a couple years but I have recently fell in love with the wraps that my friend makes in Texas. You can get them at

Post-WOD Meal
Chipotle every Monday!

Lifting Shoe
Nike Romaleo’s

Best Shoe
CrossFit Nano 2.0

Coach Mallory

When it comes to gear I like to keep it basic. I have tried just about everything, but here are some of the items I have in my gym bag at all times!

Rogue Jump Ropes
When it comes to ropes everyone has their own preference. Although, I have used the RPM ropes and I like them, I just prefer the feel of the Rogue ropes (plus, they don’t beat up your legs the way RPM ropes can!).

Voodoo Floss
One of my goals for this year is to improve my mobility and overall movements. For the past few weeks I have been working with Voodoo Floss and I love it! Basically, it is a performance tool and helps to improve range, restore joint mechanics, and “unglue” stiff or previously injured tissues.

Climb on! Skin Repair
As we all know, tears happen! But nothing is worse than trying to workout (or do anything) with hands that look like they have been through a cheese grader. Climb on was traditionally for rock climbers, but CrossFitters have some of the same issues with their hands. This is a cheap and long lasting product that will do wonders to help heal those hands.

Rogue Wrist Wraps
I have recently switched from the AgainFaster Wrist Wrap to the Rogue Strength Wrap. My other wraps had a lot of material and the velcro was starting to come off. With Rogue’s wraps they are a single wrap and they can be loosed or tightened mid-WOD, which is fantastic!

Coach Kaleb

Rogue Gear…
If you are going to get any piece of CrossFit equipment, Rogue is the place to get it. Their gear is made in the USA and the customer service you will receive is outstanding. Order from Rogue and you will have your gear faster than you have ever seen. The quality is the best.

A couple must “have” from Rogue fitness in my opinion will be expressed here:
Rogue monster bands are one of those must haves.
The green band in particular.

Warm up, workout, mobility…
Theses bands are awesome for mobility and assisting pull-ups. If you are not sure how to use the bands for mobility, purchase the book “Becoming a Supple Leopard” or get on and you will learn quickly about performing body maintenance. You can also get the book from Rogue.

Rogue jump ropes are great if you are looking for a jump rope. I would suggest getting the SR-1 or the SR-1S jump rope to learn double unders. You can then move to the faster RPM rope if you would want to upgrade.

If you are looking to get a bar and bumpers for your home garage gym, definitely go with the Rogue bar and Rogue bumper plates. There is a lifetime warranty on the rogue bar and it is worth the price. You wont be disappointed. If you have any questions about what other gear to get just ask.

Coach Vicki

RPM Speed Rope 2.0

After my Rogue rope broke, I decided to try Brandie’s RPM speed rope 2.0, and that first day I tried it out I got a new record with unbroken double unders. This rope was lighter and faster than any I’ve tried before. Normally my shoulders and grip tire out when I reach about 45 or 50 doubles, but with this rope I didn’t tire out as quickly because of the speed and lightness. The metal wire rope does sting more than a plastic coated rope does when you trip up, and the wires have a tendency to fray, but if you’re wanting an edge over the average jump roper, it’s worth it.

For someone just beginning double unders, I would recommend other ropes because it takes some practice to get used to the speed of the rope, but for those who know how to do them and want to master the skill, the Speed Rope 2.0 is a great choice.

Pros: very light very fast comes in 6 different colors will give you an edge on double unders

Cons: wires fray whipping yourself hurts worse expensive

164 Double-Unders in 1 minute: