CrossFit Workout of the Day

1. 4 sets of:
V-ups x 10-15 reps
Rest 30 seconds
Farmer’s Carry x 60 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
Negative Handstand Push-ups x 6-8 reps @ 31X1
*3 seconds decend in the handstand, hold for 1 second,
then kip up to the top or go strict if able
Rest 60 seconds

2. 4 Rounds For Max Reps:
60 seconds Max Single Arm DB Hang Clean and Jerk* (50/35)
60 seconds Max KB Front Racked Squats (53/35)
60 seconds Max Alt. Overhead Lunge (45/25 plate)
*Switch arms every 5 reps

3. Mobility: Hamstring and Glute smash, Lizard Pose,
Seated Forward Fold

Intramural Open
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