CrossFit Workout of the Day

A. ring row
e2m for 8 minutes
5-10 tempo reps

tempo – 31×1
3s eccentric
1s at bottom of rep
x ascend afap
1s pause at top of rep

B. EMOM for 16 minutes
m1) 10 db thrusters
m2) 8 bbjo 24/20
m3) 200m run 10/7c bike 12/9c row
m4) rest

3 points each minute completed RX. 36 possible points. 1 point each minute modified

LvL1 – 20/10
LvL2 – 35/20
LvL3 – 50/35

– the first two minutes each round should have at least 10s+ of rest. modify volume if necessary. 

C. 10m coach led stretching