Veritas Weightlifting Club

Veritas Weightlifting Club:

Club membership includes strength programming for the Olympic variations, the snatch, clean and jerk, along with other applicable strength and accessory movements. In addition, coaches will hold team training times where athletes can receive direct coaching and feedback on their lifts. This training will benefit athletes training for CrossFit or another specific sport in addition to those looking to compete within USAW.

Weightlifting 101:

New to CrossFit and/or weightlifting? Not comfortable around heavy barbells? Weightlifting 101 is a six-week intensive course that will rapidly increase your weightlifting knowledge, skills, and strength. Come learn the ropes on the platform and jump-start your success while using a barbell!

Blaine Burgess

Coach Blaine comes to us from central Ohio, where he was raised in one of the proudest football communities in the state. His parents put him into personal training at the age of 14, where he saw a vast improvement in performance and fell in love with strength and conditioning. At the end of his high school career, Blaine accepted a scholarship to study at Harvard University and play football. After graduating in 2014 with a degree in political science, he spent two years in Columbus, OH working at Rogue Fitness before starting his own online retail company and coaching CrossFit full-time. His love of S&C that he acquired early on pushes him to continue learning and pass on that knowledge to his clients so that they can achieve their fitness goals, however big or small. If you want to get strong, this is your guy.


-USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

-CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

-CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer


-Head Coach, Veritas Weightlifting

-2018 USAW National Championship Qualifier/Coach

-Coach, Fit Club/CrossFit 614

-Harvard Football